The Importance of Self – Reflection

As a big believer in self-reflection, I encourage my clients to share their experiences to construct a narrative that they can look back upon. It was not until recently that I asked myself why I ,myself, hadn’t applied this specific form of therapy in my everyday life. Prior to this, I had been reflecting on my day, my week, my work or my mistakes but never came to the realisation that I should consider ‘my journey’. 

Through my everyday observations, we can get so lost in our thoughts, our social lives, our mobile phones and our work that we tend to overlook how much we have achieved or ‘grown’ since the last time we could manage to sit back, relax and reflect upon our lives. 

Incorporating a little time in our busy schedules to realise your efforts and reflect on your self-development will ensure that we can slow down and that we can bring ourselves to enjoy self-care via positive thought, no matter how big our achievements are.

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