Supporting our youth through times of grief and loss

When we think about grief and loss, our brain tends to assume the worst, which commonly is associated with the passing of a loved one. However, feelings of loss can be closely tied to the loss of various other entities, rituals and opportunities. Although it’s easy to distinguish the loss of a pet compared toContinue reading “Supporting our youth through times of grief and loss”

Interview for Outside the Locker Room

Stoked to have been featured on the Expert League for Outside the Locker Room @otlr 😍 I provided some advice to students returning to school as well as ways to overcome your challenges using CBT and seeking support 🙌🏻 Thank you for allowing me to provide some insight! If you have any questions, feel freeContinue reading “Interview for Outside the Locker Room”

Helper’s High

I recently came across the term ‘helper’s high’ in a counselling podcast where they discussed the emotional reward that counsellors or other psychotherapists gain from counselling. It was such an ‘a ha’ moment for me as I was able to relate to it so well. One of the earliest instances was in Primary School whereContinue reading “Helper’s High”

The Importance of Self – Reflection

As a big believer in self-reflection, I encourage my clients to share their experiences to construct a narrative that they can look back upon. It was not until recently that I asked myself why I ,myself, hadn’t applied this specific form of therapy in my everyday life. Prior to this, I had been reflecting onContinue reading “The Importance of Self – Reflection”