Helper’s High

I recently came across the term ‘helper’s high’ in a counselling podcast where they discussed the emotional reward that counsellors or other psychotherapists gain from counselling. It was such an ‘a ha’ moment for me as I was able to relate to it so well.

One of the earliest instances was in Primary School where a few boys in my year level were pushing a younger boy to eat some dog poo which was stuck to a tree branch. I stepped in to stop this and proceeded to inform a nearby teacher. 

From this moment, I became Yellow House Leader in Year 6 and strived to help others in Primary School or younger children who were bullied or needed friends to play with. In addition to this, I was SRC in my homeroom from years 8-11, a College Leader in Year 12 and other leadership positions such as Choir Captain and the Treasurer of the St Vincent de Paul Society. 

From that very moment I stepped in to tell that boy to not lick that stick to the last time I took off that College blazer, I felt satisfied that I’d manage to help so many people in my schooling journey. Each time I did so, I felt a buzz in my heart and sometimes a tear in my eye. 

This feeling is my high, my helper’s high.

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